13 Reasons Why Episode 1 Explained

I’ve seen reviews taking the founders of this series to work for having the personality of Clay take something like two weeks to listen to the tapes as opposed to listening to them. Whenever I brought up that, she laughed. No kid will be like, ‘Oh, I’ll just take my time.’ They did it that way give space for character arcs to them and to make, but it was dumb. They do the 13 Reasons Why episode 1 out of order rather than chronologically, which I believe was supposed to build suspense or anything, but it bothered me. The story is intended to maintain the order of the tapes.”What bothered her? Plus Clay in the series is kind of a jerk. Against lots of the men and women who hurt Hannah, Clay retaliates in the series, and that is supposed to feel like justice for her, I guess? But she has already gone than he was to me, at the book, which makes his part in the narrative make sense, and it makes Clay to a more confrontational man. I also get why they included the entire narrative with Hannah’s parents, but it opens some questions about where they were when all was happening, as well as how the book portrays the tapes, the entire point was that only the intended recipients could ever hear them, and at the series, you are left believing the entire world will hear them. Kelly’s ideas: I nodded through all of what Mir shared here since I completely concur. Dragging the listening of tapes out is a clear option to drag the string out and that is just lazy. That teenagers are bingeing on the Netflix show, how ridiculous is it to imply that his time would be taken by Clay ? While there’s lots of blame I wish the manufacturers could have done more with the health part of what Hannah dealt with along with her parents’ lack of comprehension of what their daughter went through. When they’d Hannah lose the bank deposit it felt like they suggested that it led to kill herself but her mental condition was bad that they did not have to add play. The thing I know about adolescents is they feel passionately and so deeply about things. They assume that, to adults items are huge in their own lives and that life will be terrible. Where Clay ended up on the list of Hannah did not have to be changed in addition to some of the characters in addition, I believe. Possessing the lawsuit take centre stage did not solve in any way except to indicate there are another season of 13 Reasons Why episode 1. When Clay, at the publication, walks the map of areas in which Hannah has him see that was really having him bike appeared to be a device that was not essential and for them to have his bike. Finally, Alex shooting himself appeared, as the children say, extra.

If Someone Wants To Both Read The Novel And See The Show, What Is The Correct Way To Do That? We had a rule that if you wanted to find a film based on a book, you had to read the book when my children were small. I think that it’s rare that a film does the book justice plus it is a terrific way. “I mean, you must always read the book first” (a nod to our previous principle, I believe) “but in this instance, with the publication being relatively short as well as the show so long, I think if you see the series first and then read the book, you will feel like the book is missing a whole lot of stuff.

13 reasons why episode 1

However, I also feel like the book is a poignant photo, a very clear and pretty straightforward story with a little bit of elegance in the end (you can not really call it a happy ending, since Hannah’s dead, but you understand), whereas the series is an entire thing with a number of subplots and open threads and no fantastic resolution. Why they did this I know, and I can see the value in that but it is very different. Also in case you would like to figure out whether the series will be ‘too much,’ reading the book is a fantastic place to start if you are on the fence about if you can manage it.” Kelly’s ideas: Like Mir, our household rule is “read first, watch second” and sure, people will believe the book is lacking since they added so much to the set. If teens don’t need to set all the things they could discuss in book club or with family or friends and the time into reading this book watching it is taking the easy route. What if they are not prepared for the discussions? Well, then they are definitely not prepared for multiple show that drag on for many¬†13 Reasons Why ¬†episodes. As a classroom teacher, students encouraged to don’t hesitate if it was not talking to them, to give up on a book. It requires attempt to read while viewing is a lot more passive. I do not bother with the sequence and would suggest reading.

About How The Book’s Message Is, Maybe, Simpler. They had a friendship from the script, and I get that in creating something more with that felt like a option. It is another dynamic entirely, and I also think it’s important to the message of this book, because what you are studying as Clay listens to the tapes is that Hannah felt as though she was all alone and nobody noticed. After you [in the show] bring into a supposed BFF who she suddenly cuts off (and do not get me started on her parents, who are completely absent in the book), you start asking yourself why nobody saw the signs, why someone did not intervene because it was apparent she was in trouble. Seeing the show, given the relationship developed between them on screen, I am left feeling like Clay both should have realized Hannah was in trouble and that he should be a whole lot more traumatized by her passing. What about story threads in the sequence and the creation of characters? From the book, Hannah fought quietly and independently, and once Clay knows what happened, he reaches out to a different character (one who we hardly know anything about) that could be in a similar situation. We are left feeling somewhat hopeful. In the show, that personality is Skye, and we know a whole lot more about her (and, in reality, essentially dislike her because she is portrayed as kind of a jerk), and from the time Clay reaches out to her, it just feels so evident, it is not quite as impactful as the book.


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