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The episode five, titled of season six of the walking dead saw the play return to Alexandria for the very first time in fourteen days as the residents fight to survive in the wake of the Wolves’ strike. After making what audiences are to suppose, is a superhero get away from the walker- the opening scene comes with a crazy Rick Grimes. Needless to say, the leader of the group makes it in the nick of time and it seems Michonne has additionally made it back – but no indication of Glenn. The others are not bad Rick is not harmed, but his return has directed the precise walkers he was attempting to deflect away from the community right to their walls.

Just place, the residents are a whole wreck and Deanna spends most the episode walking dismayed at what her community has become and full of despair in the sudden death of her husband Reg in the conclusion of season five of the walking dead. A walker that is stray later receives the brunt of Deanna’s fury when she stabs him in the chest repeatedly, certainly oblivious the head is the money shot. Luckily, Rick sets the walker outside of the rescue’s distress and comes to it.

Elsewhere, Aaron’s friendship and Maggie blossoms as they descend past the walls of Alexandria to try to locate Glenn. It might be a quite stupid and dangerous move given the number of walkers attempting to storm their walls, but Maggie is hellbent on ensuring Alexandria’s husband returns. Obviously, she’s not aware that Glenn was last seen in episode three, where walkers died falling into a pit of him. Maggie remains optimistic and blurts out to Aaron that Glenn is pregnant, although it’s looking increasingly improbable she would have survived this.

Walking Dead season 6 writers surely understand the best way to pull at our heartstrings. Talking of issues of the heart, Jessie and Rick eventually shared their very first kiss after several episodes of indisputable chemistry. Rick barely has the time for romance right now with everything but the poor man has had it rough since his wife. Now feels strikingly distinct to the last episodes using a large ball of the focus shifted on to Alexandrian residents whom audiences hardly understand or even care for.

Additionally, kickass mother hen Carol is apparently absent from this episode, which is unfair given her fast-thinking is the reason Alexandria is standing in the aftermath of the Wolves event. This week’s episode of walking dead season 6 episode 1 watch free did manage to do the impossible while it did not concretely verify whether or not Glenn lived his harrowing fall into the stone of zombies. Specifically, make the issue of the beloved character’s survival more significant than ever. But the latest bowel cloud development is really great news for all you Glenn fans. Speaking of which, now’s your last opportunity to leave.

In this week’s episode, Maggie affirmed what some comic book subscribers already guessed. She is pregnant with Glenn’s infant. That makes the inquiry of Glenn’s survival even more affecting. Maggie includes, “that is only one reason.” The main reason comic book buffs knew to anticipate that Maggie was anticipating is that the novel version of Glenn’s character gets pregnant. More on why that specific storyline is great news after an even more extreme spoiler warning for Glenn lovers below.the-walking-dead-episode-601-morgan-james-4-935-600x422

But first it is worth understanding Maggie’s pregnancy fits in the bigger subjects of the episode. The name, “Now,” comes from Jessie’s address to More’s fellow Alexandrians that they needed to quit concealing their heads in the sand in regards to the zombie apocalypse. Due to the hordes hammering their walls, they must face this is the way that they live.

But an honest appraisal of the terror of their situation or resignation was not the takeaway lesson this week. It is consuming the successes while making strategies for the future. And if you’re able to fill the now with a little enjoyment to mitigate the malady, then all the better. That is where The Walking Dead season 6 frequently glows. In the little pleasurable minutes between disaster and the constant pain. In this episode, we got two new intimate pairings. And while Carl does not have high hopes for Rick and Jessie (usually because I believe it won’t be allowed by Jessie’s terrible son), I believe we formally have Maggie and a new Glenn -saving a couple to root for in Tara and Denise. Emmy victor Merritt Wever continues to be an amazing addition to the cast.

Both comic book creator show and Robert Kirkman showrunner Scott Gimple have been open about needing to add more homosexual characters to the show. Between Aaron, Denise, Tara, along with the forthcoming opening of Paul “Jesus” Monroe, Carl say the future of The Walking Dead season 6 is looking considerably more representative.
But as for Glenn’s future that is where we get into spoiler terrain that is serious.

In the event the show follows Maggie’s pregnancy plot line in the novels, we’ve even more reason to trust that Glenn reappear and will survive his autumn. (Maybe in time for the midseason ending?) In the novels, a chain of events which lead to Glenn’s departure in the hands of Negan is kicked off by Maggie’s pregnancy. Maggie’s pregnancy, to put it differently, is additional evidence the show means to follow Glenn’s departure as it was initially laid out in the comic books. He will live, for now, another day, simply to expire.

And that is bittersweet news for both Maggie as well as the Glenn fans out in the crowd. The Maggie harked back to the popular opinion that we had all actually want to see Glenn’s face yet another time before we must say good-bye when speaking to Aaron. But I have got terrible news for Aaron. The Maggie will not be naming her kid Aaron or Erin if Maggie’s infant strategies go how that they go in the novels. No, it is infant Hershel who is coming.

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